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6/25/2005 5:21:24 AM - Five Favorite Television Series from the Old Days

It's almost 4 AM and an old rerun of "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" is on television. I watched that show a lot when I was younger, and that got me to thinking...if I had to pick five of my favorite television series of all time, what would they be?

Now, granted, any list such as this is inherently subjective. Additionally, the nostalgia you feel for something like an old television show often isn't really because of the show itself, but rather because it brings back memories of a time when you saw the world through less jaded eyes.

When you're younger a show is all about YOUR imagination and experiencing things when they're not yet cliche. It's about dreaming. I think a lot of children probably put as much imagination into watching a show as its creators...and sometimes quite a bit more.

That said, here we go....

5) Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979-1981) - Honestly, this wasn't that great a show, but it did have kung fu, lasers, and Erin Gray.

4) Airwolf (1984-1987) - This was a great mid-1980s action series. I used to always watch it when I was in high school. The high-tech helicopter was awesome and the show had a great theme song. I still remember watching the pilot episode.

3) The Transformers (1984-1987) was an animated series aimed primarily at children, but I really liked it nonetheless. Some of the concepts visited by this show were more sophisticated than one would typically expect from a show with such a target audience.

2) Scooby Doo (1969-1972...pre-Scrappy, of course) - I remember rushing home from elementary school in the mid-1970s to watch reruns at 3:30 PM.

1) Star Trek (1966-1969) - Iconic music and phrases; short skirts; starships, phasers, and photon torpedoes; philosophical at times, humorous at others, and always packing plenty of action. I've actually come to appreciate this one more as I've gotten older...I find that interesting.

Some other old shows that have high nostalgia factors are Lost in Space, The Man from Atlantis, The Amazing Spider-Man, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and The Duck Factory.

There are several more recent shows that I also find extremely good. Seinfeld (1990-1998) was great but the incessant reruns have left me unable to watch another episode for at least a decade. Stargate: SG-1 (1997-present) has nice production values, good chemistry between the characters, and interesting stories. It's the only TV series for which I've actually bought the DVDs. Nowadays I really like House. Its acerbic lead does a fantastic job and with only one or two exceptions I've thought every episode thus far was very well done.

Agree? Disagree? Yeah, well, let's hear it.

- TZ

Who wouldn't like this show?

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