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5/18/2008 5:28:16 AM - Change the world.

I haven't had time to work on the web site at all for quite a while now. Things have been very busy on other fronts - some related to game development for third parties and a lot related to the legal industry (in areas such as contextual searching and distributed electronic document processing.)

Another area that has been taking an increasingly large amount of time from my schedule is taking care of animals.

I've been a vegetarian since I was 16. I've always liked animals - ever since I can remember I empathized with them. I saw far more in animals than anyone around me would give them credit. I woke up one morning and decided that I didn't want to contribute to their suffering any longer. That was it. I've now been a vegetarian for well over half my life. (That said...I'm certainly not a typical vegetarian. My eating habits can best be described as...unique.)

We placed six kittens - at least one of which definitely would not have survived - into three different homes a bit under a year ago. You can see pictures of them here: Kittens. They are all doing fine.

We're now trying to place five more kittens. My primary concern - and I worry about this considerably - is getting them into a good home. It's easy to give a kitten away for free. It's not at all easy making sure that you're putting them into a good home. Many times I think that the animal might simply do better if they're given their shots and released. Where people are concerned, I definitely have issues of trust.

We're regularly - in two cases on a daily basis and on the other anywhere from 2-5 times per week - feeding "wild" cats (and the occasional raccoon and possum) at three different locations in the city. I use the term "wild" loosely - some of the cats that we're feeding are as friendly as any house cat you'll ever see. Others are much more feral and others are somewhere in between.

Everything that Superluminal makes from selling its games online - and quite a bit more - currently go to such causes (including donations in the past to places such as the Wild Animal Orphanage.)

If you've bought a game from us in the future, then maybe knowing where that money went gives you occasion to smile.

Regardless, think about donating to an organization like the one listed above...or, better yet, think about how you might be able to make a difference in a hungry, hurting, lonely, or lost animal's life...and then do it.

You only live once. Make a difference. Change the world.

Animals are like humans in many ways but one...they never lose their innocence.

- TZ

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