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6/25/2005 5:21:24 AM - Five Favorite Television Series from the Old Days

It's almost 4 AM and an old rerun of "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" is on television. I watched that show a lot when I was younger, and that got me to thinking...if I had to pick five of my favorite television series of all time, what would they be?

Now, granted, any list such as this is inherently subjective. Additionally, the nostalgia you feel for something like an old television show often isn't really because of the show itself, but rather because it brings back memories of a time when you saw the world through less jaded eyes.

When you're younger a show is all about YOUR imagination and experiencing things when they're not yet cliche. It's about dreaming. I think a lot of children probably put as much imagination into watching a show as its creators...and sometimes quite a bit more.

That said, here we go....

5) Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979-1981) - Honestly, this wasn't that great a show, but it did have kung fu, lasers, and Erin Gray.

4) Airwolf (1984-1987) - This was a great mid-1980s action series. I used to always watch it when I was in high school. The high-tech helicopter was awesome and the show had a great theme song. I still remember watching the pilot episode.

3) The Transformers (1984-1987) was an animated series aimed primarily at children, but I really liked it nonetheless. Some of the concepts visited by this show were more sophisticated than one would typically expect from a show with such a target audience.

2) Scooby Doo (1969-1972...pre-Scrappy, of course) - I remember rushing home from elementary school in the mid-1970s to watch reruns at 3:30 PM.

1) Star Trek (1966-1969) - Iconic music and phrases; short skirts; starships, phasers, and photon torpedoes; philosophical at times, humorous at others, and always packing plenty of action. I've actually come to appreciate this one more as I've gotten older...I find that interesting.

Some other old shows that have high nostalgia factors are Lost in Space, The Man from Atlantis, The Amazing Spider-Man, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and The Duck Factory.

There are several more recent shows that I also find extremely good. Seinfeld (1990-1998) was great but the incessant reruns have left me unable to watch another episode for at least a decade. Stargate: SG-1 (1997-present) has nice production values, good chemistry between the characters, and interesting stories. It's the only TV series for which I've actually bought the DVDs. Nowadays I really like House. Its acerbic lead does a fantastic job and with only one or two exceptions I've thought every episode thus far was very well done.

Agree? Disagree? Yeah, well, let's hear it.

- TZ

Who wouldn't like this show?

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6/25/2005 10:58:52 AM by Keenan Weaver

The best show, in my opinion, was -Whose Line Is It Anyway?- hilarious show. I-m a huge fan of the show, I have all the episodes from the American version on tape., I-m an IDIOT there, an official fan.

The Ultimate Crusader Fan

-Keenan Weaver

6/26/2005 6:36:24 PM by Rich

The duck factory? man, i had totally forgotten about that show. early jim carrey right? that was about 20 years ago and maybe more. it was good and shouldnt have been cancelled so quickly.


6/27/2005 11:07:01 PM by Jax

i never saw buck rogers but based on that picture im thinking i should order the dvd.


6/28/2005 8:55:52 AM by Will Simpson

In no particular order - Misfits of Science, Riptide, Hunter, Cheers, and the A-Team. Yes you heard me - the A-Team. It was hilarious and Ive got only one thing to say about any snide comments - I pity the fool!!!

-Will Simpson

7/2/2005 11:28:55 AM by Jely

hey there, i-m at the movie festival. it is pretty cool. i-ll be online from time to time. i-ll try to catch you on msn.



7/8/2005 10:07:15 AM by Wombat

I liked "The Misfits of Science." It featured a young Courtney Cox of "Friends" fame in one of the title roles. It only lasted 16 episodes, though...too bad. Not sure if it-s available on DVD yet.


7/18/2005 4:54:58 PM by Stevatar

1.) M*A*S*H
2.) Gilligan-s Island
3.) Star Trek: TNG
4.) Star Trek (Original)
5.) Buck Rogers or BattleStar Galactica (still haven-t seen the new series)

Of course, you can-t forget the FMV from the original Crusader series...although we might like to! ;-)



7/18/2005 5:30:33 PM by TZ

Hey, what-s up?

I went by Mrs. Stevatar-s place of business over a year ago to see how it was going with you guys but it had closed down.

M*A*S*H? Yeah, it was good, although I liked it much more in the early years. I still remember the episode where - at the end - Klinger is flying over Korea with a hang glider and some pink slippers in a woman-s was hilarious. Frank was funnier than Winchester...Trapper was better than BJ...and Henry was better than Potter. O-Hoolihan went from funny to incredibly annoying as her personality completely changed over the years.

Gilligan-s Island? Oh, yeah...I had forgotten about that one...I-ve seen every episode multiple a classic.

The new Battlestar Galactica? Thus far it-s been good...definitely worth watching if you-re into science fiction. It-s considerably darker and more philosophical than the original.

The Crusader videos? Yep...I wish I had all of the footage that we had to cut because of quality would be fun to watch them nowadays. Given the budget and the huge quantity of stuff that we needed shot, though, I think you did an amazing job making the material that made it into the game look as good as it did.

Send me an email and let-s hook up sometime.


7/20/2005 8:35:07 AM by Keenan Weaver

Whoa, whoa, whoa.... Looks like I have another Crusader-related person to talk to! Is this Steve Hemphill? :-)

Tony -- I remember hearing that Jorg Neumann might have the original recording tapes, I-d love to get my hands on those.

Yahoo: gokussj1345
MSN: krweav AT hotmail DOT com
ICQ: 320709833
E-MAIL: krweav AT hotmail DOT com

The Ultimate Crusader fan

-Keenan Weaver

7/20/2005 1:26:03 PM by TZ

Most of the problematic stuff was cut in Steve-s office, so I-m sure there is no comprehensive tape that includes the more unintentionally humorous scenes.

That said, I do remember having a tape in my hands at one point that had about 15 minutes of footage that didn-t make the final cut due to quality issues...that could potentially be in someone-s possession, but I don-t think so...I asked several people about it in later years and no one ever had a copy.


7/20/2005 8:04:37 PM by Keenan Weaver

Hey Tony, help me out here.

The Loose Cannon Production Group

From Top to Bottom - Left to Right...

Bruce Adams: Designer
Steve Hemphill: Video Director
Matt Sheffield: Artist
Jon Ballard: Programmer
Amy Adams: Artist
Mark Vittek: Lead Designer
Matt Scibilia: Artist
Jason Ely: Programmer
Jorg Neumann: Associate Producer
Tony Zurovec: Producer/Director
Joe Rabbit: Artist
Melanie Green: Designer
Eric Willmar: Designer
Terry Manderfeld: Lead Artist

I must be stupid because I am totally confused at who-s who in that picture. Your directions suck. :-P

The Ultimate Crusader Fan

-Keenan Weaver

7/21/2005 10:38:39 AM by TZ

After Vittek at the top right is Terry Manderfield. He was an artist on Remorse and the lead artist for Regret. He is followed clockwise by Eric Willmar with the sunglasses. Then Melanie Green, Joe Rabbit, myself (pointing, obviously), Jorg, Jason Ely, and Matt Scibilia.


7/21/2005 11:30:57 AM by Keenan Weaver

Thanks! Yesterday, I discovered Matt Scibilia-s e-mail address... I-m planning on trying to get all the artists- I can find and see if they have any concept art or any other cool stuff.

Oh, by the way, my Crusader game is going well. We have a professional artist (Orlando Ramirez) working on it, and he-s doing a fantastic job. Here-s a link:

After this game, I-d like to make an action game like the original games, that-d be awesome. I-d like to do it in FMV too, but that-d be hard... I mean, we can act and all, but all the clothes and stuff we-d have to buy. If I were to make an action game, it-d be exactly like No Remorse, you are a soldier in the Resistance fighting the WEC. Not a Silencer though; however, it-d be kinda hard to understand how a regular soldier can live as long as the Silencer can.

-Keenan Weaver

9/6/2007 4:03:09 AM by TZ

Oh, man, how did I forget Kung Fu? It starred David Carradine and had some incredibly bad fighting sequences, but it was a philosophical juggernaut. It used to come on weeknights at something like 1:00 AM and I-d watch it every time. The starting sequence for the show - the sun that fades up, the music, Kwai Chang Caine walking across the desert, the entire thing - is forevermore burned into my mind.

More than anything else, I liked the show because I could identify with the protagonist-s moral compass (he was a vegetarian, after all), philosophical introspection, and quest for understanding. (That formal schooling was obtained via public school educators, whereas he was taught by Shaolin monks. It-s just not fair.)


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