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* 500 MHz CPU
* 128 megs RAM
* DirectX 8.1 videocard (ATI Radeon 7000, Nvidia Geforce, or faster)
* 33 megs hard drive space
* Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

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Guardian is the first title in our Epic Arcade series of games and blends non-stop, furious action with specific mission objectives. Evoking memories of Williams' 1980 arcade classic Defender and Broderbund's 1982 Apple II title Choplifter, Guardian takes the concept to the next level.

Guardian features 30 adrenaline-filled missions that will push you to your limit...and beyond. Beautiful 2D, 3D, and parallax graphics will place you in three totally different worlds, and at times you'll be facing well over a hundred simultaneous enemies.

If mankind is to survive, you'll need fast reflexes and nerves of steel. You'll need to defend fleeing civilians, protect allied installations, wreak havok on the enemy's infrastructure, provide allied marines with close air support, and more.

Jump into the cockpit of the 23rd century's most advanced starfighter and see if you've got what it takes to save the world. Download it now...if you've got the stomach for it.


  • A huge arsenal of weapons - rail guns, lasers, particle cannons, sledgehammer missiles, cluster bombs, nukes, and much more.
  • A unique blend of razor-sharp 2D, sophisticated 3D, and nostalgia-inducing parallax graphics.
  • Challenging mission types: protect, destroy, evacuate - you'll do it all.
  • Three detailed and animated environments - space, ice, and fire.
  • 30 adrenaline-filled missions that will test your reflexes and your ability to prioritize numerous threats.
  • 4 difficulty levels will challenge everyone from arcade novice to master.
  • Incredible sound effects that will get your blood pumping.
  • Transparent load/save system lets you easily continue an earlier game.
  • Easily customize the musical soundtrack with your own MP3 files.
  • Joystick, keyboard, and mouse interfaces supported and remappable.
  • Publish your high scores to the Internet and see how you stack up.

  • "The gameplay in Guardian is superb." - Bytten (90%, Gold Star Award)

    "I cannot stress enough what a fitting tribute this effort is to classic games such as Defender and Stargate. A truly apocalyptic experience...." - Retroblast

    "This is a fast, furious, silky smooth side-scrolling shoot-em-up game. It's awesome. You'll be hooked." - RetroGaming Radio

    "No imitator of Williams' early 1980's classic Defender has been as successful as Guardian...." - Adrenaline Vault (Top Shareware Games of the Year 2004)

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