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* 500 MHz CPU
* 64 megs RAM
* DirectX 8.1 compatible videocard with at least 16 megs (ATI Radeon 7500, Nvidia Geforce 2, or faster recommended)
* 15 megs hard drive space
* Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

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Hexed adds loads of never-before-seen touches to the basic click-and-collapse genre.

Select groups of identically colored hexes to collapse them and earn points. Collect bonuses, multipliers, and other assorted treasures to amplify your score. Special objects will let you freeze, incinerate, explode, and even convert the hexes to other colors.

Featuring four different game modes, Hexed will provide hours of enjoyment whether you prefer a fast-paced, anxiety inducing game of Extreme or a slow-paced and relaxing game of Strategy. When you're done, post your high scores on the Internet and see how you compare with others.


  • Easy-to-understand gameplay with several basic variations on the theme.
  • Ability to select your starting level means that anyone can jump into a game and instantly be challenged.
  • Lots of special objects will help you maximize your score. Freeze, incinerate, explode, and even convert hexes to other colors!
  • Sharp, colorful graphics and beautiful particle effects.
  • Energetic and exciting music perfectly complements the gameplay.
  • Integrated documentation.
  • Publish your high scores to the Internet and see how you compare with others.

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