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Superluminal Inc. (SLI) was founded in January 2001 by Tony Zurovec, a veteran of the professional gaming industry. Zurovec began his career at the legendary Origin Systems Inc. in 1990, where he served in leadership roles on numerous titles, including classics like the groundbreaking Ultima series. Origin was purchased by industry giant Electronic Arts (EA) in 1992.

Zurovec eventually convinced Origin and EA executives to let him pursue a game of his own design. Acting as producer, director, lead programmer, and writer, he created the Loose Cannon production group and led the development of the Crusader: No Remorse/No Regret series. The titles, delivered on three platforms, wound up dominating Computer Gaming World's Readers' Choice charts and held the #1 spot for almost an entire year. Zurovec's games have won Action/Adventure Game of the Year awards from numerous prestigious gaming publications and the first of his Crusader titles was inducted into CGW's Hall of Fame - a very rare honor - in 1999.

In June, 2004, CGW - the PC gaming industry's premier magazine - declared: "Crusader: No Remorse is among the greatest action games ever made, with a then-revolutionary use of isometric perspective and fully destructible environments."

Zurovec co-founded Digital Anvil Inc. in 1997. Intended as an elite developer of entertainment media, Microsoft and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) provided the financing and the company soon grew to over 100 employees. Digital Anvil was sold to Microsoft in late 2000.

Since its inception, SLI has created nearly two dozen games on a variety of hardware platforms including the PC, Xbox, and multiple handheld devices. SLI has signed development, consulting, and/or distribution agreements with many of the largest companies in the gaming business including Microsoft, Real, Oberon, Yahoo, Big Fish Games, Reflexive (Amazon), KingsIsle, Ubisoft, Wolfpack, and many others.

In 2006 SLI developed a 3D force feedback surgical simulator for the University of New Mexico to help train young doctors apply epidural anesthesia. The application made use of SLI's proprietary 3D rendering engine and the PHANTOM Desktop from Sensable Technologies, a state-of-the-art pen-based force feedback device.

In 2006 and 2007 SLI created the EverQuest suite of applications for Everest Technologies, a document processing firm in the legal industry. Blending proprietary third-party contextual search technology with LexisNexis' industry-leading Concordance database, EverQuest allows end users to index their databases so that they can be searched by meaning rather than by specific words or phrases. A complete Internet-based transaction, accounting, and invoicing system was also designed. SLI was also responsible for the creation of product and company logos, sales brochures, web sites, and animated Flash demos.

Zurovec co-founded Virtual Technologies Inc. (VTI) with a business partner in 2007 in order to create an advanced, massively scalable electronic document processing engine for the legal industry. SLI provided the architectural design, programming talent, and technical leadership from 2007 to 2010 and a multinational legal services company provided the initial funding. The software, christened Hydra for its distributed method of processing data, combined blistering speed with intricate control over the processing of a wide variety of different file formats.

SLI created six out of the eight casual games included within KingsIsle's extremely popular Wizard 101 MMORPG in 2007 and 2008. (See: Wizard 101 Reaches 20 Million Users) That was followed by the development of another half dozen games for KingsIsle's new Pirates 101 game in 2011 and 2012.

SLI currently has several other projects in various stages of development, with the most prominent amongst them being a securities analysis application.

Zurovec utilizes different programming languages (C++, x86 assembler, C#, and/or ActionScript 3.0) and tools (Visual Studio, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Visual SourceSafe, FlashDevelop, Microsoft Office, etc.) depending upon the job at hand.

Zurovec is a prodigious financial derivatives trader, has been a vegetarian since 16, and is an animal rescue volunteer.

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