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"Got anything to eat?"

Bytten is an indie game review site. You'll find small reviews of a number of interesting games there.

Cornutopia is an indie game developer. The site's operator - Mark Sheeky - is also an excellent musician who occasionally does contract work and is highly recommended.

Garage Developer International is an indie game publisher focusing on the casual marketplace. They own their own retail outlet and publish a CD-ROM series of games.

Game Tunnel is a game review and news site specializing in indie games.

Retro64 is an indie game developer...kind of like us, except without all the tigers.

The Adrenaline Vault is one of the largest gaming news sites on the Internet, and has a great little section for indie game demos. They've also got movie and hardware reviews, cheats and know, yada yada yada.

Gamasutra has tons of information on the game industry, including things like upcoming programming events, jobs, and news. There is also some technical information available.

The X-Zone has a large amount of useful programming information pertaining to DirectX.

Phelios is an independent game developer with titles for both the PC and MAC platforms. They've got a good collection of puzzle games, and even a couple of action titles. Check 'em out.

Alive Games is a popular site with a good selection of downloadable PC games from many different developers.

WinterWolves is an indie developer with a good selection of both PC and MAC games. They're best known for their well-received sports management titles.

Freeware Game Downloads features free game downloads and reviews.

Terragame has all of the primary game genres covered...action, board, card, puzzle, sports games and more.

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